Paule Fumoleau, painter and sculptor

Born in 1953 practised physiotherapy in Nantes before learning at the school of the plastic arts in the Pays de Loire Region as well as in painting and sculpture workshops in which she pursued her training with the advice of professionals awarded a diploma by the School of Fine arts of Nantes and of Sofia.

If the matter allowed the artist to evolve towards the abstraction, she very fast gave way to a search towards the handwritting and the movement.

After a journey in Japan, the work of FUGGIO based, as in the Japanese prints, on the fine relation of the height and the empty space, the shade and the light, looking for above all the sobriety of the painting.

The spontaneity of its research guides the artist towards an inner progress in search of a better knowledge of the individual and his unconscious.

The joint work of the metal and the paints slowly slide her towards a work of memory whether it is of its own search or that of the man by the use in its sculptures pieces of rebus rich in their own life marked by the time, wheather and individual

Now, she lives and works in Burgundy , in Fontaine les dijon.

She makes exhibitions in france as well as abroad.